Headless Queen Compilation Vol. I [Side A]

by Headless Queen Records

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Headless Queen Records would like to thank all the bands and labels who participated in this.
A special thanks to Bread Club & Tommy Boys for recording & releasing tracks specifically for this compilation.

Album artwork by Samuelito Cruz
Special thanks to Tyler Hinton who helped put this together.


released April 20, 2013



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Marietta - Yeah Yeah, Utah
Andy, the highway looked so dark
When the black took control of my eyes
When something made my focus smash
And I'll be back when the rest of it dies

The voice in my head was gone
Every sort of person looked like hell
With their hands in their pockets
And the marks on their scalp

If I get a chance to breathe

I couldn't breathe under all of that weight, and the things that we've seen.
With all the dead, with their hats on their chest, and their thoughts in the leaves.

I can't breathe
(The highway looked so dark
I'm drowning underwater)

Tear the fever out of my lungs, put the cold back under my tongue.
Track Name: Topbunk - You're Always On E & I Worry About You
Well I know you seem fine and all
Sweat and alcohol
Well I know you seem fine and all

I know you seem fine and all
Between sweat and alcohol
You made me dig, search
Find out I got a lot of flaws
I’ll find god, lie to god
Whatever it takes to make you stop crying a lot

Stop crying a lot

I know you seem fine and all
Sweat and alcohol
Dad came home
Took the pictures off the wall
That’s fine but what do I tell ma
I’ll find god, lie to god
Whatever it takes to make you stop crying a lot

Stop crying a lot

Well I know you seem fine and all
Sweat and alcohol
Well I know you seem fine and all

I’ll find god
But you better stop crying a lot
Track Name: Glocca Morra - See Through Person
I'm sitting on the bus to find out about you. I get up, you get up.
How can I place what can't be replaced without you?
I can't, I can't, I can't, I can't let go.

I'm not a man, not a man, not a man anymore. And I swear I'm gonna lose it the second you walk out the door, but it goes on.

And the strings that I pull too hard never got me too far.
Casey, Come on.
You can not see.
You can not see through.
You can not see through person.
Track Name: Bread Club - Do You Know Casey Linda?
Hands on the faucet, I can feel it I can see it I can’t make sense of it in my mind.
Some muffled noises, all it takes to realize that this isn’t the right time.

It’s just a feeling that I can’t describe,
Under sterile lights that only hurt my eyes.

Unspoken agreement, I think we both know we won’t see much of each other anymore.
All for the better, I’m sure I can’t hold a candle to those that came before.

It’s just the gesture took me by surprise,
I’ve still never looked you in the eyes.
Track Name: Casket - We Were Once
I look through photographs every chance I get.
I wonder what had happened to those days,
it seems like yesterday we were all just kids.

All the memories, but nothing ever matters.

Broken spirits, lack of faith, my hopes & dreams are down the drain.
The more I grow, the more I hate there's always something in the way.

All the memories, but nothing ever matters.

I hate everything.
Track Name: Indian Taker - Bound With Time
If I could ask her a single thing. It would be, “How do you make me feel so pure, like I am seen?” Her heart stretched as far as one could see, Hard to pass her up, it was me.
Mild spring days, is what we were, Mustn’t we forget, he was what you preferred. Your love for him would never break. No matter how hard you tried to run away.
As hard as I tried I could never break, Her love for him, it was bound with time. The waiting game, I was losing, don’t you see? Your love for him, it was bound with time.
Was it fun holding close to what you felt was home? With a season’s change you’d lost all you had known. Was it fun holding close to what you felt was home? With a season’s change I no longer felt alone.
The weather always tells the truth, April knows much more than me and you.
Track Name: Worthwhile - Melody Save Me
Ground is always there to catch my fall. I get up.
Try to hold my own, but feeling all alone.
I sank at such a quiet and young age. Innocence was stripped away.
As a kid, I was forced to grow up in a single day.

Hoping. Praying. Wishing. Dreaming of something to save me.

I lose my fear in the sound of the melody. How sweet the sound.
I wanna live. I wanna breathe. I want my chin up not down on my knees.
The longer the shore, the greater the awe.
Oceans belong to those who dream.
And we find, you and I, in this balance above sea, below sky.

Never could I tell you what music means to my life.
It's like trying to describe a sunrise.
As words bleed to skin, it shows it makes a difference.
I feel alive in the sound of the melody.

My hope, is that the best is still ahead,
cause there's so much more road to pave.
My love, the selfless plunge I take through your gracious wave,
I want it to be all I gave.
My life, good and bad, is all I have. I'll take it to my grave.
Track Name: Still Rings True - Tear Down The Walls
light a match and burn this motherfucker to the ground/ and when the smoke all clears we'll build a whole new world/ a place where who you are means more than what you have/ cause as of now you are the things that you posses/ we're lost/ to find the truth we must tear down these walls/ we've been taught a way to live that's wrong/ this could never last forever/ we can not keep on/ treating this whole world as if it's made to be destroyed/ when you have to beg for life/ you should be getting free/ it's time to fight against what's standing in your way/ when some of us/ much more than we could ever need/ and we just want to have more/ while others suffer/ for lack of so called luxuries/ like a place to live should be/ considered a privelege and not a part/ of what it is to be alive and free/ we have to fight/ to take the power back/ and when we win/we'll start over again
Track Name: Di Bravura - New Math
Enough with the apulets and broken necks, walls like tacks and red and blacks. Permutations and combinations. Breaths only get me through the day in the most literal of terms, this skin and bone doesn’t have what it takes to learn. I thought I hadn’t the time to sing these words, I suppose I was wrong, that type of thinking’s absurd. And we’re both just Gatsby’s but nothing close to great, two parralel lines that share the same fate. And we’re all just building houses that we’ll never live in.
This seeing eye, this thinking hand, know that they are never wrong. Or at least by my words or by these so called lords. So take these anceastral steps back to the sea.
You’ve dug your own grave, now plan your escape. So many details have you thinking like a thief-in-the-law, scrathing that rash of rememberance and leavung your skin raw. And this storm has my furrowed brow working overtime, that jesting cat on your shoulder assailing my meter and rhyme. But we never could turn the gears that turn the wheels. And we never noticed the odds and evens, the odds and ends...
Track Name: North Folk - I Can Sing It For You
So let’s examine me at twenty-two, as I take steps towards all the things I want to do, and who I want to be when I grow up. Confident, belligerent- I know where it is I want to go, but I don’t know how to get there without losing the past along the way. Or myself from time to time.
Track Name: Bag of Bones - Mt. Vernon/This One Time At Fat Camp
this happiness won't last
the problem with a half-empty glass
there is nothing wrong but i've convinced myself
that i'm missing someone else

maybe i could be happy for real this time
if i just open my eyes and go outside

i should be happy
but i'm stressing over nothing
i could be happy
if i just opened up and let someone in
Track Name: Places To Hide - Getting Worse (i hate me)
When this winter comes
I'll be lonely that's a fact.
When i'm out with all your friends
I never know how I should act.
And there's some t-shirts in my closet
That make me think of certain days.
And there's records on my shelf
That only spin when you're away.
I've heard it said so many times.
"True love will set you free"
Well it's been twenty something years
And i'm still struggling to breathe.
I'm sorry if it hurts.
God knows that it only gets worse.
I'm talking to myself.
I don't have
Anybody else.

If i get lonely this winter
Would you come and visit me?
This place i'm stuck in now.
It's not where I want to be.
Maybe I should call my mother.
She's always worried about my health.
And i've got this running list
Of things I hate about myself.
Maybe i'll see you again someday.
At my funeral, I hope.
But if I go, i'll go laughing.
Just so everybody knows
That if I die young.
Well at least I had fun.
I'm talking to myself.
I don't have
Anybody else.
Track Name: Mane Horse - Damn Pajamas
What holds you back these days?
Is it nasty shades of grey or Friday nights, alone afraid?
Looking back it seems that seasons weren't the only things that changed, reset your heart, i stayed the same.
In memories, our better fucking days, just give me that it keeps me sane.
On canvas we paint picture, a brush a stroke, the best of us. Letters she wrote on broken trust.
A lie, she cries the worst of us.
She's finding comfort in the distance, and I'll keep on with my persistence. I've been thinking, "What if I'm just dreaming?"
Your favorite story I'll recite
Torn from the pages of my spine.
On the other line she's calling a thousand times
Too scared at night, give me back my pride, I've wasted a thousand times. Too scared at night.
Track Name: Tommy Boys - Estate Sale
i've been wearing misery, estate sale digging on a saturday.
Track Name: The World Is A Beautiful Place And I Am No Longer Afraid To Die - I Will Be Okay. Everything.
No, we aren’t ghosts. Even ghosts have a home to haunt. No, we aren’t ghosts. We open doors and we shed our skin. No, we aren’t ghosts. Open your windows and let us in. Still and freezing we can see our breath. Tom told me that the drive was short but the tank is empty. (Cold concrete and basements.) We echo in our haunted words. The strings are fire, the bass is roaring, the beat carries us on. If our bodies weave into the ground that they stand on they cannot fall down. As we slowly push the earth into itself it collapses us and we take photos to remember how great it was to be children or forgotten faces in the backgrounds of your lives. We’ve all been relatives or coworkers. We’ve all been forgiven. As we slowly push the earth into itself, it collapses us and we take photos. The song plays on but the record is cracking. The house is dark, all of the floors are creaking.
Track Name: Stickup Kid - You Are Captain Hook
I guess boys are boys and attention is attention.
There’s nothing about me you can’t find in someone else.
I guess boys are boys and affection is affection,
yeah it’s nothing about me.
Show me your heart, because I’m not sure that I’ve seen it
and I’m convinced that it doesn’t beat like mine.
I guess boys are boys and attention is attention,
there’s nothing about me you can’t find in someone else.
I guess boys are boys and affection is affection,
and there’s nothing about me that you cannot replace.
Re-read your sweetest words; they are as empty as I feel.
And everything I gave was a convenient puzzle piece
to fill your needs. I guess boys are boys,
and attention is attention,
yeah there’s nothing about me you can’t replace.
Track Name: Echo Base - 11
Possibilities for the eleventh of May. I can do whatever I'd like to. Yet, I can't think of anything that I can do that won't spark a fuse for memories. Now, I'm finding out the hard way to throw away everything. Fuck recycling. It's not Groundhog Day, I'm done living each day again and again and again.

My phone calls are ignored. Yeah, I've been here before. I'd rather leave this at your door. Our minds may wander off, that doesn't mean they lost their way. Aside from these dirty shoes, they'll still walk this line straight.

For now, I'm: sinking to the bottom of the deepest sea, or crash landing on an island where I'll still have hopes for you and me. Stop digging this grave sixty years before an expiration date. Let go, move on, no more worrying.

Orlando, take care of her for me. You see, I've done enough dreaming. It's time that I catch up on sleep. So, would you please?
Track Name: Free Throw - Lvl. 2 Pidgey In A Masterball
I'm pretty sure I hate you
This epiphany, it came to me today
Amidst a fit of rage!
I wish that i could break you
And make you feel my hate
You're nothing more than a mistake

You're voice it echos
Off the walls of the cave that is my head
It makes me wish that I was dead!
Feed my addiction
By pouring liqour down my throat
Only hoping I can cope
And make it through another fucking day

The alcohol it helps me to pretend
That you don't think you're happier with him
Sometimes I wish the worst on you and all your friends
And hope that you all meet untimely ends

I never thought we'd be
Falling just like the leaves
From all of these dead trees